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Patients Seen By Appointment Only
We understand and
care about your pain!

Our facilities are clean, pleasently lighted, with relaxing quiet music. There are multimedia educational materials available and we are happy to anwer any questions you may have. Our staff is always happy to see you and be of service because we know that a stress free treatment environment is more conducive to healing and recovery.
Family Practice Exam Table

Laser, Ultrasound, And Infrared Therapies

Chiropractic and Therapy Room
Ttriton Spinal Decompression

Triton Control Panel.
Balance Testing and
Training Equipment
Computerized Evaluation
Testing Equipment.

Equipment for
Physical Rehabilitation.

Mobility and Strength
Training Equipment

Mobility and Strength
Training Equipment

Stationary Bike

We accept payments with cash, major credit cards,
and most insurances. For more information contact:

204 N. Center St.
Mesa, Arizona 85201
Patients seen by appointment only
Call: 480-962-0868
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